Perneet Chauhan says she wishes to break stereotypes


Actress Perneet Chauhan was last seen in the show ‘Humkadam’ and the one thing that is noticeable is the gap in her professional career.

She talks about the reason behind this gap and also expresses her willingness to play substantial characters on-screen.

“I had just taken a short break of 3-4 months in 2018 after which I actively started looking for work. When it’s not your time I guess it’s not. Sometimes luck is just not on your side. I was almost about to do a show with a leading production house but at the last minute things changed. Ironically that show shut in three months. Again I took up a show and when my part was about to pick up the show shut down. So the reason behind such a long gap is that I guess my time wasn’t running well. It can happen to anyone. I am sure 2022 will bring new opportunities,” she says.

The actress was born in Vasco Da Gama, Goa, and raised across Delhi, Goa, Chennai and Mumbai. Coming from a family where her grandfathers, uncles and even her father are in the Army and Navy, getting into acting was not the obvious choice.

She has been living in Mumbai for over two decades and has done shows such as ‘Love Ne Mila Di Jodi’, ‘Geet’, ‘Mile Jab Hum Tum’, ‘Yam Hai Hum’, among others.

Perneet is looking for substantial roles. “I really want to break the stereotype that this industry creates and do something out of the box. I would love to play a strong character on screen, be it a doctor, lawyer, cop, defence officerÂ… it will be a challenge to take up a role that I’ve never done before,” she adds.

So what’s her dream role? “I don’t know about dream role but a few characters I liked include Jennifer Winget’s role in ‘Beyhadh’, Sushmita Sen in ‘Aarya’. I also loved ‘Code M,'” she answers.

Ask her about the changes that she feels happened in the entertainment industry over the years, and Perneet says: “I think the work culture has changed. More than your work the pressure is on marketing yourself which wasn’t there so much 8-10 years back. Social media has almost become a basis of an actor’s qualification sadly. And, of course it’s definitely becoming harder and much more competitive.”



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