PGIMER gets advanced liver transplant centre

The state-of-the-art Advanced Hepatopancreatobiliary and Transplant Centre (AHTC) was inaugurated in the Department of Hepatology of the PGIMER here on Tuesday.

The Department of Hepatology has been providing care to patients with liver disease since 1978 at PGIMER, and over time, has grown to be one of the largest hepatology departments in the country.

It caters to over 50,000 patients annually, and receives referrals of complex cases from across the country.

The previously five-bedded liver ICU and five-bedded high dependency unit has been upgraded to 10-bedded ICU.

The facility has been renovated, with installation of HEPA filters, a state-of-the art advanced centralised multiparameter monitoring system, and paperless patient record keeping and prescription management.

The latest equipment for non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis has been procured, which would greatly increase the department’s ability to better assess patients with liver disease, an official statement said.

This would also reduce the waiting times for this crucial investigation.

The laboratory services of the department have been enhanced to include new, dynamic assessment of blood coagulation parameters using thromboelastographic methods.

The statement said the previous emergency endoscopy unit has been renovated.

This has created more space in the unit for specialized equipment. This unit consists of a mobile endoscopy system, an endoscopic ultrasound system, and patient assessment and monitoring systems.

The seven-bedded liver transplant ICU has the facility to host pre- and post-transplant patients.

Two of the beds have additional glass barriers to facilitate better post-transplant care. This ICU too has the facilities for centralised monitoring and paperless record keeping.

Once the liver transplant operation theatres in the building become functional, this ICU will provide integration of organ transplant and monitoring facilities, added the statement.




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