Pia Bajpiee: Willpower is the most important part of a weight-loss plan

Pia Bajpiee, who is better known for her work for South Indian cinema, talks about her eating habits and workout schedule that help her maintain a proper figure and stay fit.

Talking about her diet, Pia said in a conversation with IANS: “I am a hardcore vegetarian and I am blessed with a great dietitian who helps me regulate my intake according to my feasibility and keeps me hooked on a simple yet practical diet.

“I have two options for each meal, one to follow if I’m at home and the other if I’m ever out. This makes it really easy to keep steady. I eat only healthy, home cooked meals and avoid junk food altogether.”

Sharing a little bit about her workout patterns, she said: “Different workouts work for different people and it took me a little time to understand that for me heavy weight training has always made me look muscular which is not the look I’m going for. So what suits me is crossfit training with cardio and functional training.”

Pia wraps up with a piece of advice for her fans: “Will power is the most important element in any weight-loss and if that is missing, no diet or workout will work because being steady and determined on a task requires a lot of effort and control over your eating habits.”




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