Pilot again pitches for rewarding Congress workers in Rajasthan

Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has once again raised a demand to reward the party workers.

When asked about delayed political appointments in the state, Pilot said, “I have already spoken many times; why do you want me to repeat the same fact again and again. It is my personal opinion that those who have worked for the party should be rewarded.”

Pilot said, “We cannot give ministerial or significantly high post to every person, but we can ensure their participation to manage the enthusiasm. Elections are to be held after 19-20 months and winning this election is very important. For 30 years, the government has been unable to repeat itself here, the BJP-Congress sequence remains and power gets shifted in alternate hands. We have to break that convention.”

Sachin Pilot has been raising the issue of rewarding party workers in the past also. Speaking on the delay in political appointments, he said, more than three years have passed since the government was formed, but many key portfolios remain vacant due to the tussle in the Congress.




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