Pilot raises questions about NSUI defeat in student polls

At a time when Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot has brushed aside questions being raised about his anointment as Congress president, former deputy CM Sachin Pilot on Wednesday indirectly commented on the present situation in the party. He said, “Whatever the high command will say, that instruction will have to be obeyed by all leaders. In politics, anything which is not visible, does happen and the thing being seen does not happen.”

Pilot also raised questions about the rising crime rate in Rajasthan and the defeat of the Congress’ student wing NSUI in the student union elections. He was interacting with the media at his residence in Jaipur on Wednesday morning.

Speaking on the election of the party president, he said, “Elections have been declared. Notification will be issued for the election of National President of Congress on 22nd. Whatever it is, it will come to the fore. We all speak for ourselves or for others. All of us have followed the instructions of the party with full dedication and sincerity. All the leaders of Rajasthan have spoken about this many times.”

Answering a question on the increasing crime rate in Rajasthan as per NCRB statistics, Pilot said, “I have also seen that report. The rise in crime is very worrying. The increasing incidents of crime against Dalit and tribal women is worrying. SC commission should be given constitutional status. The SC commission has got constitutional status in many states.”

“No one should have the courage to commit atrocities on Dalit adivasis. Even when I went to Jalore, I had said that mere enactment of a law would not intimidate the oppressors. We have to create such an environment by taking action,” he added.




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