Pilot speaks on political appointments, cabinet reshuffle


At a time when hectic discussions are being held in Delhi regarding cabinet expansion in Rajasthan, former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot on Thursday said that appointments will be made in the organisation and government soon.

“AICC and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot are in constant discussions and hence appointments shall be made soon in organisation and state government,” he said while speaking to the media.

Pilot also uploaded a video on Twitter late Wednesday night where he is seen speaking in support of Congress workers and is seen saying, “Political leaders deliver lectures and go but the real worker stands on the booth and fights. He should be respected and rewarded for his hard work.”

“I met KC Venugopal and apprised him of the present circumstances in the state,” he said in the video adding, “We have been demanding change as and when required. It has been three years since the formation of the government but Congress workers who sacrificed everything for the sake of forming government are awaiting their dues. They should be respected and rewarded in the form of political appointments. This should be done at the earliest as elections are approaching soon.”

Sources said that Pilot has once again batted for his team when CM Ashok Gehlot is talking to Sonia Gandhi about cabinet reshuffle and political appointments.

While Gehlot has been speaking against the Pilot camp quite frequently and praising those who supported his government (including independents and BSP MLAs) during Pilot’s rebellion, indicating he shall give significant positions to them, Pilot since months, has been demanding positions for Congress workers.

Ashok Gehlot also met Congress president Sonia Gandhi in Delhi on Thursday and said, “The party high command will decide on the cabinet reshuffle in Rajasthan. Ajay Maken has complete information regarding this issue.”

It is known that on Wednesday, Gehlot met Priyanka Gandhi and KC Venugopal in Delhi to discuss the cabinet expansion. At the same time Sachin Pilot, the former president of the Rajasthan Congress, also met top leaders.