Piyush Jain spends sleepless nights in jail


Life in jail is lonely, more so if one has lost all his money, status and prestige. And Piyush Jain, who is in jail for massive tax evasion, is expectedly having sleepless nights.

According to a jail official, Jain is having anxiety attacks and is suffering from insomnia.

“The doctors are taking care of him. He is being given sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicines under strict medical supervision. His blood pressure is also on the higher side. He has been lodged in the quarantine barrack and security outside his cell has been tightened,” said the jail official.

The official said that while it is normal for new inmates to have sleepless nights in the beginning, but in Jain’s case, it has been four days and he is yet to come to terms with his new surroundings.

“He did not eat food properly in the first two days but is now getting used to the food served here,” the official said.

The jail officials have been directed by higher authorities to maintain a close vigil on Jain and report anything amiss in his behaviour immediately to the concerned authorities.



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