Placements make IIT-Delhi top favourite of JEE Advanced top 100

Students across the country seeking admission in various Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are waiting for the complete Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) schedule to be released. According to the National Testing Agency, the schedule for JEE, the entrance exam for seeking admission in engineering courses, will be released by next week.

Looking at the admissions done on the basis of JEE Advanced last year, institutes like IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay and IIT Madras continue to be the top preferred choice of students. The data shows that IIT Delhi is the favourite choice of one-third of the top 100 toppers clearing the JEE Advanced.

IIT Delhi Director Rangan Banerjee told IANS that among the top 100 students selected on the basis of JEE Mains result, 28 students took admission in IIT Delhi. Among the top 500 students across the whole country, of these 127 students chose IIT Delhi for higher education.

According to Professor Banerjee, out of top 1,000 students across the country, 211 students have taken admission in IIT Delhi. This time, IIT Delhi will approve admission of more than 1,200 undergraduate, 800 postgraduate and 600 PhD students.

Like Delhi, IIT Madras also remains a top choice. The reason for this increasing attraction of students towards both IIT Delhi and IIT Madras is also the robust campus placements available here.

An IIT Madras representative told IANS that their students have done exceptionally well in pre-placements this academic year. In 2022-23, students from IIT Madras have received a large number of placement offers. The institute has organised summer internships in offline mode.

Till the second week of November, 333 pre-placement offers (PPOs) have been given to IIT Madras students. This is much more than the 231 placement offers received during the last entire year i.e., from 2021-22.

Honeywell, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Texas Instruments, Oracle are the top five companies which gave pre-placement job offers to IIT Madras students.

According to IIT Madras, PPOs will continue to be available from December 1, 2022 till the first phase of assured campus placements begins.

Students of IIT Madras said that a lot of credit for the excellent performance in PPOs goes to the institute’s strong internship programme. This gives students the opportunity to work as an intern in companies and desired results in PPOs. The steady growth of PPOs is a result of the excellent performance of the students of the institute taking up internships.

Explaining the reasons for the huge increase in PPOs this year, Professor Sathyan, Advisor (Placement), IIT Madras, said: “We are happy to see a huge increase in PPOs this year. We encourage more and more companies for internships as it involves long interviews which makes it easy to evaluate students and then awarding PPOs profitably. Awarding and accepting a PPO increases the likelihood of a strong relationship between a student and the company.”

One of the major reasons for the growing interest of students towards IIT Delhi is its excellent campus placement record. This year IIT Delhi has also done exceptionally well in campus placements. Companies offering hefty pay packages to IIT Delhi students include reputed companies from countries like the U.S., England, Australia, Korea, Japan.

An IIT Delhi representative said that it is also helping its current batch of students set up startups with the help of its alumni. Apart from this, IIT Delhi can soon become the knowledge partner of the Indian Parliament. Under this initiative, the experts of IIT Delhi will regularly provide important information to Indian MPs on 5G technology, communication technology, pollution, climate change, including many topics related to common people.




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