Play Points to let users score discounts on Google Store products


Google has started rolling out a new programme to the Play Store that will let users use their Play Points toward purchases on the Google Store.

According to Android Central, the company’s new programme will allow customers to turn those Play Points into discounts that can count toward their next Google Store purchase.

This includes hardware like the Pixel 6 and some of the best Google Assistant speakers.

9to5Google spotted the new programme, noting that it is not widely available just yet but that it’s slowly coming out. Unfortunately, it seems the programme is limited to the US.

There will be four tiers available for those interested in scooping up a discount: $10, $50, $100, and a $200 off discount. Each of these available discounts has its own Play Points threshold.

The $10 one has a point threshold of 500, while the $200 discount will require 10,000 points.

According to the programme terms, users cannot claim two discounts and use them toward a single purchase. Another important point to note is that Google is seemingly only giving users one of each discount.



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