Players like Suryakumar, Buttler score everywhere and aren’t afraid to play shots: Shane Bond

Former New Zealand fast bowler Shane Bond feels the game has so advanced after his retirement as a player and entry into the coaching arena that the likes of India’s Suryakumar Yadav and England’s Jos Buttler are able to score everywhere in the stadium through their 360-degree style of play and aren’t afraid to bring out their audacious shots.

“I think it’s changed across all formats. I believe that technology has changed around vets, as has the mindset. I believe we’ve seen that, and it’s now flown into Test cricket, T20 cricket, with the way and pace of the game being played in London showing that, but the 360 natures of the game, players like Suryakumar Yadav, Jos Butler, those sorts of players who score everywhere and aren’t afraid to play shots, you know from day one.”

“That’s why I love doing this job, as I get a front-row seat to watch the best players in the world do that stuff, and I’m still sticking by my job. But hell, it’s a lot of fun, and you want the game to continue to develop. “You know, the 4-year-old son who loves the game and loves watching these players and wants the sport to have heroes, and the ones who are doing it today are certainly doing injustice,” he was quoted as saying by broadcasters Zee.

Bond, who is currently the head coach of MI Emirates in the ongoing ILT20, further shared his thoughts on how he’s handling the players in a high-pressure environment. “I think it’s the foundation of everything; we do what we do because we enjoy it; we’re in a high-pressure game in a stressful environment; everyone’s sort of writing their own little journey of success and failure; and within your team, even your team can be successful, but there are individuals with a power struggle.”

“So, the ability to step away from the game, even as a coach, because we never truly switch off as head coaches. I’ve gone on many tours as a player where I should have taken the opportunity to get out of my hotel room and enjoy the local stuff. So, for me here, encourage the guys to have full days off to get out.”

“We want to go into the desert; we want to go to the Louvre; we want to go to the mosque; we want to go to Ferrari World and experience all that, and then when you walk away from the tournament, win or lose, you know, you’ve had a fun time and experienced something quite unique,” he concluded.




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