Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Players to not lose 100 % of match fee to slow over rates in Tests under new regulations

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executives’ Committee has endorsed modifications to the over-rate sanctions in Test cricket to strike a balance between the imperative of maintaining over-rates and ensuring fair remuneration for players as players now won’t lose 100 percent of match fee under new regulations.

Under the revised regulations that will be applied from the start of the current World Test Championship cycle, players will be subjected to a fine equivalent to 5 percent of their match fee for every over that falls short, with a maximum penalty capped at 50 percent.

Notably, if a team gets bowled out prior to reaching the 80-over mark and the new ball is not yet due, no over-rate penalty will be imposed, regardless of any potential delays. This amendment supersedes the existing threshold of 60 overs.

“The ICC World Test Championship has injected renewed energy into Test cricket giving it a compelling context. In the last edition we only had 12 draws in 69 matches, and we want to ensure that trend continues whilst we’re giving fans the best value for money and keeping over-rates up,” said ICC Men’s Cricket Committee Chair Sourav Ganguly, in a statement.

“The Men’s Cricket Committee felt strongly that over-rate penalties in the form of WTC points deductions should remain but recommended that players should not have 100% of their match fee at risk. We believe this provides a balance between maintaining over-rates and ensuring we are not deterring players from playing Test cricket,” he added.

Recently, Australia and India were handed big fines for slow over rates during the 2023 ICC World Test Championship Final at The Oval.

While India lost all of their match fees for their slow over rate, Australia were docked 80 percent of their match fees. India’s innings did not last 80 overs both times in the Test.



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