Playing Osho a life-changing experience: Ravi Kishan


Actor-politician Ravi Kishan is playing Acharya Rajneesh, or Osho, in the upcoming film “Secrets Of Love”, based on the spiritual guru’s life. He says he was always curious to know more about Osho, who attracted so many people worldwide to follow his path.

“My initial fascination towards Osho was different and it intrigued me due to the spiritual journey of another actor — Vinod Khanna. Vinod Khanna was on the top of his game, a superstar, when he left everything and set on a journey to America following Osho. We all know that he and Amitabh Bachchan had a rivelry and there are always a conversation on how Amitabh Bachchan become a megastar after Vinod Khanna left acting and superstardom. The point is how could a man leave everything for a spiritual guru? Doing the film was an opportunity for me to explore these thoughts,” Ravi told IANS.

While the actor went through a detailed script and workshop to find the right body langauge, and read several books on Osho, he explained how the film was a journey for him.

“Initially I even asked the makers why they were casting me, and I was told that the depth in my eyes has a uncanny similarity with Osho’s. After a look test and a certain trasnformation I realised it. My father was a priest and there is a certain spiritual practice we are exposed to from childhood. Perhaps that is why I embodied the charecter better. It was a life-changing experience,” shared the actor.

“Secrets Of love” is directed by Ritesh S. Kumar and the story is based on a series of real-life incidents that happened in Osho’s lifetime.

There were several real-life Osho followers featured in the film as character actors, Ravi recalled.

“After getting ready, before the shot, I was feeling a silence within so I was sitting in a distance and meditating, until the AD (assistant director) came to say that ‘shot ready’. I entered the set, and the scene started. I remember how one of the Osho followers, who was present in the scene, broken down and kissed my hand, and mentioned that my energy and aura reminded them of Osho. I think from that point, I realised that I was getting the character right,” shared Ravi.

The actor informed the film’s post-production work would start soon.

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