Plea in Delhi HC says kite-flyers use Chinese manjha, seeks ban

Expressing safety concerns over the alleged use of ‘Chinese manjha’ (kite string), a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), moved in the Delhi High Court on Wednesday, sought a complete ban on kite flying and related activities.

The PIL, filed by advocate Sanser Pal Singh, stated that the life and safety of human beings and birds is endangered due to kite flying in the national capital. It sought a complete ban on flying, making, sale-purchase, storage, and transportation of kites and objects used in making and flying kites, saying it is the only solution as it is very difficult and in some cases, quite impossible to catch the culprit or to fix the responsibility when an accident occurs due to kite string.

The plea also contended that during the kite flying activity, competitors will engage in cutting each other’s kite string.

In order to make the string tougher to break, they need a strong string, popularly known as Chinese manjha, in which manufacturers put a glass coating, which, at times, causes injury to humans and birds.

The plea also highlights that the kite flying activity is already prohibited as per section 94 of the Delhi Police Act, 1978 where it is provided that, “Prohibition against flying kites, etc.- No person shall fly a kite or any other thing so as to cause danger, injury or alarm to persons, animals or property.”

The petitioner also cited accidents, including fatal ones, caused due to the ‘Chinese manjha’.




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