PM emphasises on transformational role of doctors in society

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday urged doctors from cities with experience in Covid management to reach out to those in the underserved areas by hand-holding, training, online consultations to ensure that protocols are followed.

Prime Minister Modi interacted with doctors across the country via video conferencing on the Covid issue and the vaccination progress. The Prime Minister appreciated the doctors, medical and para-medical staff for their invaluable service towards the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Last year, during the same time, it was due to our doctors’ hard work and the nation’s strategy that we were able to control the coronavirus wave. Now that the country is facing the second wave of coronavirus, all the doctors, our frontline workers are confronting the pandemic with full force, and are saving the lives of millions of people,” Modi said.

Modi further stated: “Recently the Central Government has taken many important decisions related to the supply of essential medicines, injections and sufficient availability of oxygen. State Governments have been given necessary guidelines about these.”

Emphasising that vaccination is the biggest weapon in the fight against coronavirus, he urged the doctors to encourage more and more patients to get vaccinated.

The Prime Minister also urged the doctors to educate people against several rumours on Covid treatment and prevention.

In these difficult times, Modi said, “It is very important that people do not become a victim of panic. Along with proper treatment, emphasis must also be on counselling of patients admitted in hospitals.”

Prime Minister Modi also encouraged doctors to use tele-medicine for treatment of other diseases, in case there is no emergency.

The Prime Minister noted that this time the pandemic is spreading rapidly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well.

Modi called for accelerating efforts to upgrade resources in such places. He urged doctors to connect with their colleagues working in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and give them online consultations to ensure that all protocols are followed correctly.

The doctors shared their experiences in dealing with the Covid pandemic. They congratulated PM Modi on his leadership in dealing with the pandemic. They also spoke about how they augment healthcare infrastructure.

The doctors reiterated the importance of people wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. They also stressed about maintaining health infrastructure for non-Covid patients. They also spoke about how they are sensitising patients against improper use of medicines.