PM Justin Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared Mondaymorning that he has tested positive for COVID-19, but says that he is feeling “fine” so far.

Trudeau was already in isolation as one of his children tested positive for the coronavirus late last week. Now a second child has also contracted COVID-19.

Trudeau said he will stay in quarantine and work remotely while he recovers.

“It’s a big challenge that my family and I are facing but there’s nothing unusual or special about it,” Trudeau told reporters at a press conference. “It’s a challenge too many Canadians and people around the world know all too well.”

Trudeau was fully immunized last year and also received a booster dose earlier this month.

The prime minister continued to urge all Canadians to get vaccinated and boosted as cases of the Omicron variant hit high levels in many parts of the country.

His wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, contracted COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic in March 2020, but he did not get the virus at the time.


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