PM tells BJP leaders to meet ‘educated Muslims without expecting votes: Source

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the second and final day of the the party’s National Executive meeting on Tuesday, made several important points to BJP leaders to strengthen the party in view of the Lok Sabha elections next year, sources said.

According to the source, PM Modi emphasised on meeting people of all religions and asked party leaders to go to universities, churches, etc to meet and interact with people. He asked then to meet Pasmanda, Bohra, professional, and educated Muslims without expecting votes in return.

“He said meet these people but keep this in mind that they will not vote but still go and meet everyone,” a source added.

PM Modi also instructed leaders to refrain from unsolicited remarks against any community, the source said.

The two-day BJP National Executive Meeting ended with the PM’s address. Three resolutions – a political resolution, a social and economic resolution, and a foreign policy resolution, focusing on G20 summit – were also passed.




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