PM Justin Trudeau is still ahead of other federal party leaders though he dropped eight points in four weeks on the ‘preferred Prime Minister’ tracking by Nanos Research.

Trudeau is the preferred choice as Prime Minister at 32.2 per cent of Canadians, followed by Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer (20%), NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh (12.8%), Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (7.3%) and People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier (3.8%). Eighteen per cent of Canadians were unsure whom they preferred.

Another Angus Reid poll showed that most Canadians believe there is more to come in the ongoing WE Charity controversy, but also don’t think the Liberals will be taken down over it.

Nearly 70 per cent say they don’t believe it will bring down the government.

Seven-in-10 say ultimately, it’s either going to make no difference or the government will survive.

The poll was conducted in the wake of the Commons committee testimony from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over concerns his government handed a contract to the WE Charity, despite the organization’s financial ties to his family.

Trudeau has apologized for not recusing himself from cabinet discussions about the WE deal given his family’s relationship with the charity, but has denied any wrongdoing.


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