Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PMK wants TN government to stop hiring contract workers

Tamil Nadu’s PMK, the political outfit of the powerful Vanniyar community, on Wednesday came out strongly against the hiring of contract staff in government and public sector undertakings.

PMK state President and former Union minister, Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss, in a statement, cited reports on the contract staff of Aavin protesting in front of the Aavin diary in Ambattur, Chennai. He charged that the state government does not enquire whether the contract staff are paid their salaries on time and how this delay in payment of salaries was affecting the mental and physical health of these staff.

He said that there was no accountability in the contract labour system and that this was creating a bad impression on the government among the people.

He called upon the government to properly look into the flaws in contracting system and to stop the practice of engaging in contract labourers totally.

The PMK leader said that the flaws in the contract labour system were exposed in the Aavin episode wherein people have to take to the streets to get their salaries paid.

Ramadoss also called upon the government to take strict action against those employing child labour. He said that child labourers should be paid their salary dues and they should be given proper education.



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