POCSO court awards death penalty to accused in minor’s rape and murder case in Surat

The Special Designated POCSO Court in Surat on Tuesday found accused Ramprasad alias Lalansingh Gaun guilty in the rape and murder of a minor girl and awarded the death penalty to him.

Additional District Civil and Sessions Judge D P Gohil while pronouncing the order observed, “Prosecution has convinced the court that the accused has committed crime, based on scientific, circumstantial evidence and witnesses statements. This court finds accused Lalansingh guilty for rape and murder.”

The court also ordered payment of Rs three lakh as compensation to the victim’s family, said public prosecutor Nayan Sukhadwala. The court decided the case in 104 days.

Sukhadwala told the local media, “Forty six witnesses were examined, CCTV footage and forensic evidence were accepted by the court, FSL team with the help of face recognition software established the identity of the accused, and a medical officer’s statement helped in convincing the court.”

The five-year-old girl was living in a roadside makeshift hut along with her parents in Punagam area of Surat. On April 13, 2022 night, when the victim’s father woke up at 1.30 a.m. he found that his daughter was missing. They searched the surrounding area but could not find her.

They informed the police, who too started searching for her. Meanwhile they received information that a youth was seen with a minor girl. The police were able to trace the suspect. During interrogation Lalansingh broke down and showed the place where he had buried the girl after raping and killing her by hitting her with a stone on her head.




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