Police break up remaining protest at Windsor’s Ambassador Bridge, make 12 arrests


A heavy police presence continues in Windsor, Ont. as work continues Sunday to clear the area near the Ambassador Bridge.

According to police, there have been 12 arrests with majority of the charges related to mischief. Ten vehicles have also been towed and police say they did have to negotiate with some drivers to leave their vehicles before they were towed.

He said about seven to 10 vehicles were towed and that police hoped to have the roads open and traffic moving later this afternoon. He did not know when the bridge would reopen.

Most of those who were arrested were charged with mischief, and some had been inside their vehicles, Betteridge said.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens told Sunday that once police have the situation fully under control, the plan will move to figuring out how to properly reopen the roadway to the bridge.


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