Police finds body buried in backyard of Kerala house, suspects to be of missing man

Kerala Police have discovered a body buried in the backyard of a house on the Alappuzha-Changnacherry road, which they suspect to be of a youth who was reported missing since September 26.

Kerala Police launched a probe after a missing complaint was lodged at the Alappuzha North station by the mother of the missing man, identified as Bindhukumar.

On September 29, the police received the call records of Bindhukumar and found that he spoke to his friend Muthukumar on September 26, the day he went missing.

Muthukumar was questioned by the police on Bindhukumar’s but he said he had no clue.

He was asked to appear before the police on Friday, but he did not show up. After this the police tried to contact him but his phone was switched off.

On Saturday morning when the police reached Muthukumar’s rented accommodation, it was locked but they found that some work had taken place at a shed in the backyard.

On digging the backyard, the police found the body, who they suspect to be of Bindhukumar. The police are now awaiting a forensic report.

On further investigations, it was found that apart from Muthukumar and Bindhukumar, two others were also present in his house on September 26

Bindhukumar worked as a real estate broker, while Muthukumar is a carpenter by profession.




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