Police forced to use weapons more often in Mississauga and Brampton

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Police in Mississauga and Brampton are having to draw and use their weapons more often than ever in recent times. It is indicative of the kind of crime police are having to deal with in the region.

Last year, there were 755 use-of-force incidents by Peel police in Mississauga and Brampton, while in 2016 there were 654 incidents. In 2015, there were 620 incidents.

Of the 755 incidents last year, 138 people were injured, while 50 officers were also hurt in the encounters.

Just recently, a YouTube video showed a few Peel police officers drawing their weapons to stop a group of car thieves who had just rammed a couple of police cruisers while trying to escape justice.

This incident was witnessed by many people, some who recorded it for posterity, not that they will forget the incident anytime soon. It occurred on Aug. 3 at Eldorado Park in Brampton when the police were apprehending car thieves who were operating in the parking lot.

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As of Aug. 15, there have been 442 “use-of-force” incidents by police in Peel.

Anytime a Peel officer draws, uses or points a gun or Taser, they must fill out a use-of-force report used, or when physical force or another weapon (baton, plastic bullets, etc.) is used. In dozens of cases, multiple use-of-force reports are filed for a single incident.

This points to a couple of problems that go beyond the job description of law enforcement. Guns are easily available and mentally-disturbed people who most likely belong to a psychiatric ward or need to be medicated are turning on the public and at times getting violent.

The provincial ban on the controversial police practice of carding has led to a spike in violence across Peel Region, according to the chief of Peel Regional Police.

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“I believe there are more people carrying knives and guns than ever before,” said Chief Jennifer Evans in a media interview earlier this year.

Evans told Peel Regional Council that since carding and street checks became outlawed last year, Peel has witnessed a rise in violent crimes.

Politicians have in a bid to earn goodwill and votes have routinely cast the police as the bad guys who are out of control.

Just who and what is out of control is very evident from statistics and media reports. -CINEWS

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