Andhra Pradesh’s Prakasam district police have managed to trace and reconcile four schools girls with their parents within four hours of their disappearance.
In Podili town in Prakasam district, the four minor girls’ parents had admonished them not to spend long hours with their cellphones. Incidentally, the girls were also attending online classes.
On being reproved, the quartet left home without their parents’ knowledge.
As the worried parents reached out to the police, a case was registered and a search operation was launched to find the girls.
Superintendent of Police (SP) Siddhartha Kaushal alerted all the police officers, instructing them to trace the missing students.
The Ongole command control centre also alerted all the police stations in the district.
“High-end technology was used to track the movements of the missing girls and they were finally located in Vinukonda town,” said a police officer.
On finding the girls at Vinukonda, 81 km away in neighbouring Guntur district, the police reconciled them with their parents back in Podili after counselling them.
In the search operation, the skills of Podili police station technical assistant Bharat Kumar proved crucial, as he employed the latest technology to track the movements of the missing children.
“Kumar underwent 15 days’ training recently in the technology adoption centre, Ongole, which is a part of the prestigious TATA project took up by Kaushal,” said the officer.


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