Police probe reveals Jahangirpuri riot accused Ansar supplied drugs, seized BMW from bizman

The Delhi Police’s Crime Branch investigating the Jahangirpuri violence case has revealed that the prime accused, Mohammed Ansar Sheikh, was also involved in drug supply and had also seized a BMW car belonging to a South Delhi-based businessman, according to sources.

The sources close to the development have claimed that during the course of interrogation, Ansar confessed his involvement in drug peddling.

They claimed that with his illegal trade the accused minted money and used it to create a gangster-type image in Jahangirpuri.

Ansar initially started dealing with scrape business and later on started supplying heroin and smack.

“He had apprehension that if he was caught supplying narcotic substance he would be awarded a long jail term. This fear led him to end his drug peddling business. Ansar then started running ‘satta’ in North-West Delhi,” claimed one of the sources.

The sources have claimed that a few photos of Ansar with a BMW car were accessed by the police. In one of the photos he was seen standing on the bonnet of the car.

During interrogation, the police revealed that the car belonged to a South Delhi-based businessman.

“It was a disputed BMW car and Ansar had taken its illegal custody using his criminal background. Later he gave the car to someone who lived in West Bengal,” the source claimed.

The owner of the car had lodged a case with the Delhi Police. Later, the police interrogated Ansar in which he broke down and brought back BMW car from West Bengal.

It was then handed over to its real owner.

The Crime Branch is now looking into his West Bengal connections.




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