Police raid pub in Hyderabad


The Hyderabad Police raided a pub in the wee hours of Sunday and caught 144 people found partying beyond the stipulated time.

The pub at a hotel in posh Banjara Hills was raided by Task Force personnel of Hyderabad City Police as it was open beyond the permitted hours

The police also reportedly found banned substances from the premises. Those detained include 33 women and the owner and staff of the pub.

Some individuals from films and entertainment industry and children of some prominent personalities are said to be among those detained and were later let off.

Police registered a case against the pub for remaining open after the stipulated time. Further details were awaited.

The raid comes amid an intensified drive by the police against the drug menace. The recent death of an engineering graduate due to overdose of drugs and the involvement of some educated youth and techies in drug peddling and consumption has alarmed the authorities.

The police and newly formed Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) is not only acting tough against peddlers but also booking cases against those found to be consuming the drugs.



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