Poll time is boom time for astrologers, pandits in UP


With the onset of the Assembly elections, business is booming for astrologers and pandits in the Uttar Pradesh.

Political leaders and candidates, cutting across party lines, are known to consult astrologers for a favourable time for filing nominations and starting their campaign.

Pandit Arun Tripathi, a well-known astrologer and numerologist, said: “Candidates now want to know the auspicious colour of their dress, direction from which they should launch their campaign and even the favourable food items they should consume during the election period to ensure success.”

He said that some candidates also wanted to know the colour of vehicle they should use for campaigning.

A large number of candidates are holding ‘puja’ to remove the ill-effects of ‘Rahu kaal’, ‘Pitra dosh’, ‘Mangal dosh’ and ‘Kaal Sarp dosh’ in their horoscopes.

A priest from the Prayagraj Jyotish Sansthan said: “The first query is regarding the auspicious time for nominations. Even candidates who normally are not known to follow religious practices, are consulting us. They want to know the favourable time as per birth ascendant and birth sign in the horoscope and are willing to spend huge amounts of money for corrective ‘puja’.”

A number of candidates are also consulting astrologers about their wives’ horoscopes.

“In one case, I found that the wife’s horoscope had more favourable planetary positions and now the candidate makes sure that his wife accompanies him on his campaign,” said Acharya Sandeep, an astrologer in Kanpur.

He said that while he had told one of his clients that the green colour would bring him luck and he has now taken to wearing green kurtas even though his party colour is not green.

The astrologer had asked another client to give up eating fish since Rahu was dangerously positioned in his horoscope. He has turned vegetarian completely.

Priests in Varanasi, Prayagraj and Lucknow also have their hands full with requests for elaborate pujas including ‘Rudhrabhishek’ on Mondays, ‘Sunderkand path’ on Tuesdays and Shani puja on Saturdays.

The largest number of pujas are scheduled for February 5 which happens to be ‘Basant Panchami’ and is considered auspicious.

Gem stones are also much in demand in the election season.

Parimal Rastogi, a well-known jeweller in Lucknow, said that poll aspirants were placing orders for rings and bracelets after consulting their astrologers for favourable gems.

“Customers are giving us barely a day or two to make their rings and bracelets and are even offering a higher price for urgent delivery. It seems that stakes are much higher in these elections, compared to previous ones,” he said.

One candidate, interestingly, has asked a local florist to supply him 10 bouquets of yellow roses every day till polling.

He has apparently been told by his astrologer that yellow colour will bring him luck.

These bouquets are strategically placed in his house.



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