Pooja Bisht learnt horse riding thanks to new Sahid Mallya music video


Actress Pooja Bisht has opened up about her upcoming music video “Mein jawa kithe”, sung by Shahid Mallya. She shared she learnt how to ride a horse during the shoot.

“‘Mein jawa kithe’ is very deep and intense for all those people who enjoy soulful music and that made me keen for this song. Also, Shahid Mallya is one of my favourite singers, so when I heard the song I was already in love with it,” said Pooja.

She added: “I learnt horse riding on the set during the shoot. It was a little scary in the beginning but later I was quite comfortable and really enjoyed the process. This is what is interesting about acting — we get to learn a lot of things that we normally avoid in normal life.”

Pooja shared that the number has been sung beautifully and the lyrics touched her heart.