Popular learning game PaGamO now available as Android app

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Pagamo is based on the principles of classic board games.

BoniO Inc., the Taipei-based  makers of the award-winning online learning game PaGamO, on Wednesday announced the launch of their Android app version of the popular online game. Just in time for summer, PaGamO now fits in users’ pockets, making it perfect for entertaining children during family vacation car trips and for learning on the go for people of all ages, making PaGamO the ultimate portable learning tool.

PaGamO is a unique learning game that allows users to study virtually any subject while competing in a game based on the principles of classic board games like Risk and Settlers of Catan. The game encourages players to build their own kingdom of knowledge, wealth and land by answering questions and solving quizzes. While the game offers academic Common Core-aligned content to hone math and spelling skills, it also offers game missions that allow users to brush up on general knowledge, from science to history to pop culture and news. As a special Independence Day treat, on July 4, PaGamO quizzes will test patriotic knowledge.

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Deep engagement

Learning opportunities with PaGamO go far beyond a typical quiz app

Because of the game’s innovative design, the learning opportunities with PaGamO go far beyond a typical quiz app. Users engage deeply with the game as they gain more territories by correctly answering questions. In this way, the game harnesses users’ competitive drive, motivating them to continue expanding their knowledge. With a game ranking that sparks competition between users and a variety of rewards for advancing in the game, users learn that knowledge and learning have value beyond the four walls of a classroom.

“What’s really unique and fun about PaGamO is that you can truly learn about anything in the game,” PaGamO founder Professor Benson Yeh explains. “Of course, you can learn academic subjects on different levels, but you can also answer questions on current events or outer space. This unique feature makes the game as fun and useful for a six-year-old as it is for a 16-year-old or 60-year-old. Children, parents and grandparents alike — we all love to play!”

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In addition to inspiring players to expand their territories and knowledge, PaGamO is proven to actually improve players’ learning results and self-confidence. Used by thousands of teachers around the globe and counting over 230,000 users already, PaGamO has proven that its benefits exceed those of an ordinary quiz app. In fact, close to 90% of students using PaGamO report that they are able to perform more challenging tasks when practicing content in PaGamO, and 88% of students say they receive educational benefits through playing.

Officially launched in the U.S. market just three months ago as a browser game, PaGamO has grown by leaps and bounds and is now available on smartphones and tablets via the Android app. As Professor Yeh notes, summer is the perfect time for school children to use the app, consolidating their learning advances between school years. Please visit Google Play to download the app.

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BoniO Inc. was founded in the spring of 2014 by Professor Benson Yeh, National Taiwan University, and his business partner Jason Ho. The company specializes in gamification for education. With the mission to create the best educational software for students and learners of all ages, BoniO continuously innovates in the education field. BoniO’s first product, PaGamO, the award-winning online social gaming platform for education, has already been installed in thousands of schools in Asia and the United States and counts over 230,000 users around the globe.- PRNewswire.

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