Popular TN YouTuber held for quackery during Covid-19


R. Porchezhiyan, who runs a popular YouTube channel “Saapattu Raman”, was arrested by a team of police and health officials at Tamil Nadu’s Koogayur village near Chinna Salem on Friday.

He was arrested for allegedly running a medical clinic and treating patients at Koogayur village for Covid-19. Police and health officials recovered syringes, tablets, medicines and injections from the clinic.

Porchezhiyan (60), who does not possess a medical degree, is alleged to have administered medicines to patients with Covid-19 symptoms as well as for other ailments.

Officials who probed his degree certificates found that he does not have any medical degree but only a Bachelor of Electro-homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BEMS) degree which does not allow him to treat patients.

The team sealed the clinic and registered a case with the Kilkuppam police station.