Portugal enacts exceptional social measures against inflation

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa enacted a package of measures to assist families in mitigating the effects of inflation.

According to a statement from the Council of Ministers, the decree-law establishes measures to support families for the “extraordinary 125 euro payment ($125) to each citizen,” in addition to several other social benefits.

The decree-law also establishes “the freezing of prices for public transport passes” throughout 2023.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa said that the social support measures represent a relief of 2.4 billion euros for Portuguese residents.

These measures were well planned by “taking into account the capacity of the state”, and it is “the result of the evolution of the economy and, above all, of employment throughout this year”, Costa said.

In this bill, the “reduction of Value Added Tax on electricity supply from the current 13 per cent to 6 per cent by December 2023” was also proposed.




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