Portuguese Prez confirms Antonio Costa as PM

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa announced that Antonio Costa has been nominated to continue as head of the country’s new government.

The decision was announced in a note published on the official website of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic, reports Xinhua news agency.

In accordance with Portuguese law, the appointment was made as a result of the legislative elections on January 30, after having heard the political parties represented in the new Assembly of the Republic.

Costa, secretary-general of the PS (Socialist Party), has been informed of the decision to re-appoint him as Prime Minister of the 23rd Portuguese constitutional government.

The official note was released after a video conference between the president and Costa, who was unable to attend a face-to-face meeting after testing positive for Covid-19.

The appointment and inauguration will take place after the first session of the 15th legislature of the Assembly of the Republic.

The PS won the legislative elections with an absolute majority.




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