Friday, July 12, 2024

Post Malone gives surprise performance inside New Zealand bar

Rapper Post Malone ended up surprising New Zealand folks as he was spotted inside a bar in the city of Auckland, and drinking at the pub.

He ended up belting out his song ‘What I Got’ by Sublime for the audiences at the bar.

According to pictures obtained by TMZ, the rapper was singing his normal crowd hit inside an Irish bar, and the song which is usually reserved for big venues and crowds came as a complete surprise to everyone present.

Some of the people who were present at the bar said that the ‘Go Flex’ singer had arrived with a few friends and stayed for the next 4 hours, partying with everyone at the bar, including strangers.

The visit was neither scripted nor had any press as such, as it was a total surprise.

The audience in the bar was only more than amused, and wanted Malone to keep singing, so they kept on pouring his glass with beer and later whiskey, in order for him to keep singing.

The whole affair turned into one big drinking game, which was something to be remembered for the people in Auckland.

The rapper is currently in New Zealand as part of his ‘If Y’all Weren’t Here, I’d Be Crying’ tour, though this show was unplanned.



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