Post-Partition teleplay ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ reminds of today’s headlines


Although her teleplay “Aaj Rang Hai” is set against the backdrop of post-Partition India, writer-director Purva Naresh says it is apt for the current generation, too.

She adds that there are many instances in the narrative that are relevant to what is happening around us today. The teleplay talks about communal harmony in a society that is becoming increasingly separatist.

“The play is set in post-Partition India but there are many moments in the narrative that remind us of the headlines we see today. Love is the foundation of human existence, art, culture, of everything we are and do. The root word of humanity is human and we cannot be fully human without love. Hate does not just dehumanise the so-called ‘other’, it dehumanises us. What will remain of us if we only keep fighting?” she says.

It stars Purva along with Trishla Patel, Sarika Singh, Prerna Chawla, Nishi Doshi, Pawan Uttam, Imran Rasheed, Hidayat Sami and Danish Hussain.

“Aaj Rang Hai” will launch on March 28, on TataSky Theatre.