Postal voting for PwD, Covid patients, 80+ begins in Assam


Voting by Persons with Disabilities (PwD), Covid infected people and those above the age of 80 using postal ballots began in Assam on Wednesday, election officials said.

A senior poll official said that the Election Commission has introduced the new system of voting using postal ballots for certain categories of people.

“The voting through postal ballots would continue for the next few days,” the official told IANS.

The electors employed in notified essential services would also be allowed to cast their votes using postal ballots.

The Election Commission had earlier said that all voters in these categories would have to apply within five days of notification of elections in their respective Assembly constituencies, if they wish to use the option of postal ballot for voting.

Election officials said that a polling team comprising two officials along with a videographer and security staff will then go to the elector’s house along with a voting compartment and get the electors to vote on the postal ballot, maintaining complete secrecy.

The candidates concerned will be provided a list of these electors in advance and will also be sent the schedule of voting and the route chart the polling parties will take so that they can send their representatives to witness the voting process.