Power cables to be underground near Tamil Nadu’s four major temples

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (Tangedco) will be calling tenders for laying underground cables near the state’s four major temples – Tiruvarur, Suchindram, Madurai, and Srivilliputhur temples.

Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji had recently said that the department is in the process of preparing a detailed project report (DPR) for laying underground cables near these temples.

The underground cables are to be laid near these temples at the streets through which temple car festivals are held. Many tragic incidents involving the mast head of temple cars hitting overhead electric wires have led to electric shock and deaths of people.

“While the underground cables will be laid immediately for these four temples, more temples are also there wherein underground cables will be laid,” a senior Tangedco official told IANS.

Tangedco officials also said that an amount of Rs 22 crore has been earmarked for laying underground cables to the four temples and tenders will be floated soon for the work.




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