Power tariff revised in Karnataka, users will have to pay more

Amid the hike of fuel prices, the Karnataka government has revised the electricity tariff in the state for financial year 2022-23, applicable from April 1, with consumers now having to pay an additional 35 paise per unit.

The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has approved increase in energy charges by 5 paise per unit and along with it, there is an increase in fixed charges ranging between Rs 20 to Rs 30 per HP/KWh/KVA to the consumers to the recovery of gap of Rs 2,159 crore. The hike has been done considering the proposals of the Electricity Supply Companies (ESCOMs).

The overall average increase accounts for 35 paise per unit for FY 23, which accounts to increase by 4.33 per cent. The ESCOMs had sought an average increase of 185 paise per unit, accounting for 23.83 per cent increase, for a proposed revenue deficit of Rs 11,320 crore.

The revision is necessitated to recover the revenue deficit of Rs 2,159 crore which includes Rs 1,700.49 crores deficit for FY21. In order to enable the ESCOMs to carry out their business of supplying the electricity, which is the basic need of the society, the increase in the tariff has become inevitable. The KERC has also approved Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) of KPTCL, ESCOM’s for FY 23 to FY 25.

Energy Minister V. Sunil Kumar has earlier hinted about the possible revision of in power tariff revision, saying the development works taken up in the sector warranted a hike, and that increasing power tariff is inevitable.




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