Practicing Yoga has helped Vivana Singh in acting

Actress Vivana Singh, who seen playing the role of Maharani Rajeshwari in the show “Apna Time Bhi Aayega”, says practicing yoga has helped her in more ways that one.

As the world celebrated Yoga Day on Monday, the actress reveals its benefits.

“Practicing yoga has helped me in acting, especially while playing and performing strenuous characters and sequences. On International Day of Yoga, I appeal to everyone that they should do yoga everyday as it has several benefits. In fact, during such a challenging time, Yoga will also help you stay strong mentally and physically. It will also help boost your immunity,” says Vivana.

The actress, whose who airs on Zee tv, reveals how the habit of doing the ancient Indian practice happened to her.A

“My father practises yoga every day and watching him, I learnt the artform. Over the years, I kept practicing it on a regular basis and I have to say, it has helped me a lot,” says the actress.

She adds:”I usually do surya namaskar, a few breathing exercises and a few asanas. Of all the Yoga exercises, surya namaskar is my favourite as the whole body gets stretched when you hold each posture in surya namaskar. It helps tone your muscles and adds an amazing amount of flexibility to your body. It also helps detoxify and relax my mind. In fact, it has also helped me remain calm in difficult situations.”