Prakash Jha: “Disgusted with actors in India; they don’t know what acting is about”


Prakash Jha is among the most celebrated filmmakers of Bollywood. He has delivered several blockbusters over the last couple of decades.

Beyond his work from behind the camera, the filmmaker is also known for his candor and straightforward manner of speaking, most of which was on display when he attended the 2022 Goafest.

During the event, at a media interaction, the director compared Bollywood and Hollywood actors and said that in his opinion, Bollywood stars were found lacking.

Prakash Jha’s recent offering was in the OTT space – Bobby Deol starrer ‘Ashram’ which started in 2020 and was promptly renewed for a second season in 2021.

He found himself in the news when he was attacked by members of a political party (Bajrang Dal) when they stormed the sets of the show, vandalised it and even threw ink on Jha’s face.

As per a report in the Tribune, Prakash Jha was a part of the ‘From Films to OTT’ session which was hosted by MX Player at Goafest. During the session, the filmmaker spoke about a time when he would attend acting workshops in various parts of the world in an attempt to bolster communication with his actors.

Speaking about his experience, Prakash Jha expressed his disappointment with Indian actors and how they would rarely inquire about specific details of the movie or its development.

He said, “I was disgusted with actors working here in India. They don’t know what acting is about. To date, no actor has asked me questions about shoot days, shoot timings, locations, action sequences and more. And that’s the difference between Hollywood actors and Bollywood ones. The actors there attend workshops and keep on improving their art.”

His comments are bound to ruffle some feathers. It remains to be seen if this snowballs into a huge controversy or not.


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