Pranitaa Pandit: Negative or grey characters interest me the most


‘Kavach’ actress Pranitaa Pandit says she is looking for meaningful and substantial roles for her upcoming shows. And she wouldn’t mind doing a cameo if it has a long-lasting impact on the audience.

So, what kind of roles interest her?

“Something that is impactful and interesting. It can be any regular character in the show. If the role is substantial, I am absolutely ok to even do a cameo. But it should be like driving the plot, bringing a major twist. Even if it’s not the lead, it has to be a character around which the content revolves in a way. Negative leads or grey characters interest me the most, and the other kind that I enjoy a lot are comic roles,” says Pranitaa, who has done shows like ‘Kasam’, ‘Kawach’, ‘Uttaran’ and ‘Jamai Raja’.

She feels there are no more reservations around married female actors or young mothers getting substantial roles on television now.

“Absolutely, I don’t think there should be any taboo attached to being a mom now. All of us are ageing gracefully. So, it’s amazing that a lot of mothers are getting substantial roles,” she says.

Talking about content, Pranitaa is happy how television is opening up to real and relatable stories and approach.

“Television has evolved in terms of content, but I would still say that we need to do much more. Same, age-old concepts are still being explored by some. Good that many are experimenting. Unlike the usual love stories and family dramas, now we have serials of every genre. So we have already started approaching diversity,” she concludes.