Prateik Babbar: “I have never been on dating apps”


Prateik Babbar is often seen portraying cool, ultra-modern characters in web shows and movies, but according to Prateik Babbar off camera he is quite the old school guy.

As reported by TOI, during an interaction, Prateik Babbar spoke up about his idea of romance. He said, “I am extremely old-fashioned. I have never been on dating apps, although I am all for them. I know that it is an amazing platform to connect with people. I have friends who use these apps, but I have never been on one. I am that kind of a guy who believes in all things classic. I believe in wooing and being charming.”

Prateik is rumoured to have separated from his wife Sanya Sagar but the actor prefers not to make any comments on his personal life. But the actor did say that balancing one’s work life and marital life requires a lot of skill. When asked who he thinks has found the right balance, Prateik said that among his contemporaries, actor Shahid Kapoor seems to have figured out the right balance.

Speaking about it, Prateik said, “I think Shahid has played it really well. He is an inspiration for all the actors of our generation when it comes to balancing your personal and professional life.”

In the last two years, work in movies, as was the case with many industries, slowed down a lot and it seemed like many actors used the time to pay more attention to their personal life.

Actors like Vikrant Massey, Varun Dhawan, Ranbir Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao tied the knot with their lady loves in these last two years.

Prateik said, “Sabko samajh aa raha hai ki waqt kum hai. (Everyone has realised that the time in hand is less for everyone). I am happy for everybody who’s settling down.”


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