Pratibha Ranta couldn’t recognise herself in turban, moustache!


Actress Pratibha Ranta recently dressed up as a man named Tope Singh for a sequence in the show “Qurbaan Hua”, and admits she couldn’t recognise herself.

“I have been having some real fun shooting for Qurbaan Hua these days. Especially getting to act as a man for the second time now in my career has been a phenomenal experience,” she says.

“When I got dressed as Tope Singh and looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t even recognise myself. I was continuously fiddling with my fake moustache, thinking it was real. More than anything, it was like a breath of fresh air because at a point of time it becomes mundane for any actor to play in the same look for their character every day,” she says.

However, she does have to admit that the costumes that male actors get to wear are very comfortable. “I was actually very comfortable wearing a kurta and patiala for a change, even though carrying the turban and moustache was a real task. For the first time in so many months, it just took me an hour to get dressed for the shoot which was unbelievable,” she says.

She adds: “Honestly, I think it’s easier for men to put on their costumes and do a minimum makeover for the shoot, whereas we struggle for hours to get the right look. But overall I think it was a really cute idea to have a new character add on a little spice to the show.”

“Qurbaan Hua” airs on Zee TV.