Pratik Deshmukh on working in Yash Narvekar and Akasa’s song ‘Yaad na aana’

Actor Pratik Deshmukh, who is known for his work in Marathi films, recently featured in the track “Yaad na aana” by Yash Narvekar and Akasa. He says being part of an independent song has been a great experience.

Talking about the track, a breakup song, Pratik tells IANS: “It takes great amount of maturity to end a relationship on a cordial note and that’s what the song is about. My experience of working on it has been fantastic. I’m very happy to be part of independent music through this song. Kudos to Yash Narvekar for his music.”

He goes on to add: “Breakups are tough. Most of us have been here. No matter why it didn’t work out, it is never easy to let bygones be bygones. The song captures that feeling where you know your life is bigger than the relationship and it’s time to let go.”

Pratik has been part of films like “Gol Gol Gara Gara”, “Judgement” and “Shubh Lagna Savdhan”.