Pratiksha Rai: “I wish my father was around to see me bloom”

TV actor Pratiksha Rai is one of the new entrants in the TV show, ‘Nath – Zewar Ya Zanjeer’ as the show takes a time leap of six years. Pratiksha has been roped in to essay the role of ‘Kajal’ in the daily soap.

Speaking about the show and her role to TOI, Pratiksha said, I will be seen opposite the hero, Avinash Mishra. My character will have grey shades and I will cause trouble for the lead couple’s children and the family.”

For now, Pratiksha is happy with the way her acting career is progressing but the last two years have been very tough for her at a personal level. She had to take a break of five months when her father suddenly passed away in 2021.

Speaking about her personal loss, she said, “First my mother suffered a stroke in 2020. We had barely recovered from that difficult phase when my father, too, suffered a stroke in 2021 and passed away. It was sudden and I was deeply affected. I slipped into depression and am still on medication. However, I had to return to work, as the responsibility of my family had come on my shoulders. I have two younger brothers to take care of. I can’t afford to be carefree anymore.”

When she returned after the 5-month break she said that the reasons were emotional as well as financial.

She adds, “Sirf financial crunch nahi tha (It was not only the financial crunch), it was an emotional struggle as well. I still can’t accept that my father isn’t there. But I had to pick up the pieces of my life for my mom and my two younger brothers. I can never cope with the irreparable loss but I needed time to be able to get back on my feet. Aaj meri acting hi mere kaam aa rahi hai aur do-chaar paise bhi issi ke through aa rahe hain (Today, my acting is only coming handy for me, plus I am able to sustain a living through it as well). It also keeps me occupied emotionally and physically.”

Pratiksha has been a part of TV shows like, ‘Pavitra Bhagya’, ‘Udaan’, ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega’, recalls how her father was totally against the idea of her joining the entertainment industry.

She even shares that when she was signed up for ‘Udaan’, everyone in her family knew about it, except for her father because she knew he would oppose this. But she could not avoid telling him when she signed up for ‘Pavitra Bhagya’. When she informed him, he was predictably adamant and gave her an ultimatum – choose between working and living with them. She chose the former because she was sure her decision to act was the right one. Pratiksha even left her home for around a month.

She added, “But my dad had a change of heart and he called me back home. He accompanied me to the set for a couple of days and realised that everyone was so professional. He was very happy with my character in the show par unhone mujhe bola ki aise characters karna ki log kuchh bole nahi (But he told me only act out characters like this, nothing that will be frowned upon). Keeping that in mind, I am only going to stick to TV. I have struggled a lot to reach where I am today. He always feared that I wouldn’t be able to sustain myself in the industry. I wish he was around to see me bloom and I hope ki main tiki rahu (I hope I can stick it out here).”



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