Preparations in full swing for second phase of ‘My Pride My Town’ in J&K

In the name of construction and development in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, funds of crores and billions of rupees were allocated by the Central government under various schemes without any interruption and this process was going on for years, but at the ground level these funds were not distributed.

Lack of seriousness and integrity was seen in the disposal and implementation of projects, but in the last few years, especially after 2019, its clear effect has started to be seen on the ground level in Jammu and Kashmir.

People say that if you take a close look at the surroundings impartially, you will see the fact that progress is visible on the ground as well. There has been record black topping, and work is being done at full pace to improve the roads.

If you visit the winter capital of Jammu, you will see change everywhere, be it the bus stand, the main roads of the city, streets, alleys, parks, everywhere you will see development. Flyover was constructed from Kunal Road to Mithi in record time. The road outside the bus stand is under renovation and repair. The walls of the city used to be covered with posters, but everywhere you will find beautiful paintings that give a glimpse of history, politics, culture and society.

After the successful completion of the fourth phase of Jamia Scheme ‘Back to Village Programme’, now the of Jammu and Kashmir government has started the second phase of ‘My Town My Pride’. Preparations are in full swing for the successful conduct of the programme starting from this week. The City Tourism and Culture Plan, Green City Plan, City Anti-Encroachment Plan and Enforcement Plan will be implemented during the programme.

It aims to make the people feel governed at the threshold, identify the target population for all services, and ensure individual beneficiary schemes so that the target population is widely covered. ‘My Pride My Town’ is a link between the public and the administration that promotes development activities and ensures that all social security schemes are delivered to the genuine beneficiaries under the Kafaida district.

Land passbooks and sanctioned loan cases will also be distributed among SVA Nidhi beneficiaries. To ensure mass participation of the citizenry in the governance process, it is also the responsibility of the people to come forward and give their suggestions, advice and innovative ideas to fulfill the growing developmental aspirations of the people.

For better utilisation of agricultural land in cities, people need to adopt urban farming, a modern concept of agriculture that does not require large parcels of land and can yield higher returns from smaller plots of land and with less effort.




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