‘Prevention only way to fight Covid spread’


Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah, superintendent of Srinagar city’s chest diseases hospital and renowned pulmonologist warned people on Monday to take all possible precautions to check the spread of Covid-19 and to ensure that the situation does not get out of control.

Dr. Naveed is a renowned pulmonologist (specialist in chest diseases) and he has been among the frontline warriors fighting the pandemic in Kashmir.

Talking to some reporters Dr. Naveed said while it is a matter of satisfaction that people have started wearing masks and taking other precautions, what needs to be ensured is that the present situation does not go out of control.

“Out of 100 beds available for the Covid patients at our hospital, nearly 90 per cent are already occupied.

“Oxygen facility is available for all the indoor patients and ventilators are also available as back-up.

“We have 50 more beds available at the Srinagar nursing home as a back-up facility.

“At present, we are advising people with mild symptoms to remain in isolation at home so that those who are with severe symptoms can get access to oxygen and other in-patient facilities,” he said.

About the efficacy of the vaccine, he said there are cases who tested positive even after the second shot, but the severity in such cases is very less which is significant.

“Further, the vaccine takes about three weeks to become effective and even after that the protection is not 100 per cent.

“Thus, while everybody must get vaccinated, it is also crucial that precautions should be taken by all members of the society,” he said.

Srinagar chest diseases hospital is Kashmir’s only exclusive facility to deal with pulmonary diseases.