Prez poll: Ruling, Oppn leaders cast their votes in Bihar Assembly


As the voting for the Presidential post is underway in the country, two deputy chief ministers Tar Kishore Prasad and Renu Devi, Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav along with senior leaders of RJD reached Bihar Assembly to cast their votes.

The election department of Bihar has established a polling booth in the library of Bihar Assembly where eligible voters are casting their votes. The voting started at 10 am. Besides them, a BJP MLA of Sitamarhi named Mithilesh Kumar reached Assembly on the stretcher to use his voting right. Mithilesh sustained multiple injuries after he met with a road accident.

As he was unable to walk, a medical team and his supporters took him to the Assembly.

On the other hand, chief minister Nitish Kumar along with some of his kitchen cabinet ministers including Ashok Chaudhary, the building construction minister, Sanjay Jha, water resource minister are unable to cast their votes as they belong to legislative council members. Samrat Chaudhary, the Panchayati Raj minister of Bihar government who is also a MLC under BJP quota will not have the voting right in the presidential post.

The members of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Assembly are the eligible voters in the Presidential election. In Bihar, 56 MPs and 243 MLAs will vote in the Presidential poll. The vote value of one MP is 700 while the vote value of an MLA is 173.

The total votes values of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha and MLAs of Bihar is 81,239. The MLAs have 42,039 vote values and MPs of both the Houses have 39,200.

BJP has the highest votes in Bihar. It has 23 Lok Sabha MPs and 77 MLAs. The total vote value of BJP in Bihar is 28,721. JD-U has 22,485 vote values with 47 MLAs and 16 Lok Sabha MPs. RJD has 17,340 vote values with 80 MLAs, Congress has 4687 vote values with 19 MLAs. Left parties have 2768 vote values with 16 MLAs and AIMIM 173 with one MLA in Bihar.

Draupadi Murmu of NDA and Yashwant Sinha from opposition parties are the candidates in President election.



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