Prince Harry, Rihanna joke in Barbados

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Rihanna and Harry get HIV tests

The two of the most popular heartthrobs in the world Prince Harry and Rihanna were less than a foot away.

The royal  met the Barbadian girl in her native island on Nov. 30.

Prince Harry, 32, and Rihanna, 28, had instant chemistry when they met for the first time.

We are not sure whether the singer was flown there to attend the island’s 50th independence day or to coincide with the trip to the island by the young royal who is credited with roping his grandma Elizabeth into social media.

The Prince unveiled the 50th Anniversary of Independence National Monument, which was designed by a 24-year-old art student.

They also honoured World AIDS Day in Barbados, by getting HIV tests.

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The royal and RiRi were all smiles as they had some uplifting fun while bringing attention to a very important cause.

RiRi playfully teased her friend as they were pricked with their testing needles. Harry jokingly told the singer that the test would be painful. He even squinted as his blood was taken first, to scare Rihanna!

She gave it right back to him saying the test “was not bad.” RiRi laughed while she looked at Harry and said, “You really made it seem like it hurt!”

We think the relationship won’t go any further, now that prince is head over heals with someone!

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