Priya Banerjee is pretty lucky for me: ‘Bekaaboo 2’ director

Actress Priya Banerjee seems to have hugely impressed Aarambh M. Singh, her director in the web shows “Jamai 2.0” and “Bekaaboo” season two.

“When ‘Bekaaboo’ season two came to me for direction, I had to watch the first season to understand the story and characters. That’s when I saw Priya playing the character of Kashti. She totally stood out in the series. Simultaneously I was preparing for ‘Jamai 2.0’, so I suggested that we should try her out for Aahana’s character in the show. She did a fab job and we developed a good understanding as a director-actor duo,” says Aarambh, about his experience of working with Priya.

About the new season of the psycho thriller series “Bekaaboo”, he adds: “In season two, while we changed most of the faces, changing Priya was out of question because everyone loved her. In the first season she was the highlight of the show, and she has killed it one more time.

“Back-to-back working with her has been one hell of an experience, and while ‘Jamai 2.0’ has already done big numbers and is a superhit, I am sure ‘Bekaaboo’ season two will do well. She is pretty lucky for me,” says Aarambh.

“Bekaaboo” season two is a psycho thriller that currently streams on ALTBalaji. The show stars Priya with Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, Poulomi Das, Taha Shah, Smaran Sahu and Tushar Khanna in key roles.