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Priya Bapat compares on-screen dynamics with Maniesh Paul in ‘Raffuchakkar’ with ‘Tom and Jerry’

Actress Priya Bapat, who is receiving a lot of positive response to her recently released streaming series, ‘Raffuchakkar’, feels her on-screen dynamic with Maniesh Paul resembles the classic Tom and Jerry relationship.

Talking about her experience, the actress said, “Working on ‘Rafuchakkar’ was an exciting experience. It offered me the opportunity to portray the role of a lawyer, which was a fresh and exciting challenge for me. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the nuances of body language and courtroom etiquette. Crafting lengthy courtroom speeches was particularly demanding, but thanks to the support of an exceptional team, the journey was incredibly smooth.”

“Working with Maniesh was great, and our on-screen dynamic resembles the classic Tom and Jerry relationship throughout the season. He portrays a con man, while I play the determined lawyer trying to prove his guilt. Akshay Pardasany has been an absolute delight to work with as well,” she added.

The actress earlier essayed the role of politician in another streaming special ‘City of Dreams’ season 3.

When asked to cite the differences between the parts, Priya said, “I am happy I am getting to play two different characters of two such distinctly different, powerful women.”

“Poornima Gaekwad is a politician in ‘City of Dreams’ Season 3. In ‘Raffuchakkar’, Ritu Bhandari is a renowned lawyer. It’s incredibly empowering to portray strong characters who assert themselves and strive to achieve their ambitions. Poornima is composed and introverted, very righteous.”

The actress said, “Ritu is drastically the opposite. Both characters give me a sense of power and fulfilment. I want to explore different topics. No one wants to be typecast and it’s important to meet fresh challenges. Poornima had to be calm and she is an internal character. Ritu is cunning and ambitious and prioritises success over truth. She is not someone who would stand by right. She will make sure to win a case she takes up.”

“These are two uniquely powerful women. Playing these simultaneously was a challenge. One schedule of the two overlapped but it’s been a great journey as an actor,” she added.

‘Rafuchakkar’ is available to stream on Jio Cinema.



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