Priyanka reiterates support for farmers

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday reiterated her support to farmers and slammed the central government saying that those who cannot pay the cost of sugarcane, will not be able to understand the cost of human life.

Addressing a Kisan Panchayat in Chandpur, Priyanka said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had spent Rs 16,000 crores in buying two aircrafts for himself.

“With his money, the entire cane dues of farmers could have been paid. The Prime Minister has money to travel but not for farmers. These farm laws will enable capitalists to fill their coffers but farmers will not get the minimum support price,” she said.

She further said, “I have not come here to make a speech. I have come here to talk to you. You have reposed faith in Narendra Modi twice because you thought that he would bring prosperity through his policies. But has this happened? Your faith has been shattered because the Prime Minister does not have money for you.”

She recited a couplet which said, “Bhagwan ka sauda karta hai, insaan ki keemat kya jane/ Jo ganne ki keemat de na sake, woh jaan ki keemat kya jane.” This loosely translates into “One who doesn’t know the worth of God, how will he treasure human life; One who can’t pay for sugarcane, how can he decide cost of human life.”

Talking about the farm laws, she said that the government was forcing the new laws even when the famers did not want it.

“Why does the government want to force the new laws? Do crores of farmers not understand what is good for them? You will not be able to seek redressal in court under the new laws. This nation is not blind. People can see that the Prime Minister is working for the welfare of his capitalist friends. He can visit other countries but cannot come two kilometers to meet farmers,” she stated.

She further said that she and her brother Rahul and the Congress party would stand in support the farmers and their demands.

The Congress leader observed silence as a mark respect for farmers who had passed away during the agitation.

Priyanka was also gifted five sticks of sugarcane by the farmers.